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GLASS E-HOOKAH (Vape Hookah)

GLASS  E-HOOKAH (Vape Hookah)
GLASS  E-HOOKAH (Vape Hookah)

ANAB Hookah Catering



About your Package

Minimum 3 hours hookah catering service with hookah chef & specialized attendant

Charcoal free

Perfect option for indoor parties

Available in several nicotine options (your selection of 0mg, 6mg or 12mg nicotine)

Special Instruction: You have the option to select flavors on "Order Now" page after selecting "Package"


  • 3 x Glass E-Hookah

  • 5 x Glass E-Hookah

  • 7 x Glass E- Hookah

  • 9 x Glass E-Hookah




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